The littlest on the Corydoras, might stays at around 1 inch long

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The littlest on the Corydoras, might stays at around 1 inch long

They will want eating smaller food and fare better with dimmer lighting. It cannot end up being paired with bigger fish and really should get lots of hiding areas.

Julii Cory Catfish

Sudden barbels under their own attention and in side of their dorsal fins, and the capability to go their eyes in a fashion that may seem like winking, cause them to become a thrilling seafood maintain.

Emerald Cory Catfish

Boasting one of the most gorgeous colorations, these seafood is iridescent green with red shows underneath. This makes all of them a stylish selection for newbies that trying to find that higher flare.

Sterbai Cory Catfish

Popular species with white spot on a dark colored body, they often times need yellow undersides and bands around their unique sight, going for elegance.

Perfect Environment and Container Problems

They reside in shallow channels with smooth sediment and slow-moving water. Water on these conditions is obvious and warm, and also this is mirrored within container.

Container Setup

Becoming tropical seafood, they might need warmer waters at 70-78A°F. The temperatures should also remain consistent, as dramatic variations may cause worry unless you’re attempting to trigger breeding.

Captive-bred fish will be needing a pH between 7.0-7.8, whereas fish caught from crazy might require a lower pH (5.5-7.0).

Tall nitrate level can cause worry in Corydoras, so sample the water regularly and ensure that it it is at 0ppm. Anxiety can result in barbel infection, making it usually far better supervise their liquids quality as well as their conduct.

They might require smooth sediments, preferably sand, however, smaller than average curved gravel could also be used for substrate. In the event the gravel try sharp, it can lead to slices and infections.

Though most believe that due to their place a quick movement is required, they a lot choose more sluggish channels and inlets where these are generally sheltered from fast-moving liquids.

A planted tank will split water flow also, also oxygenating the water and providing cover through the light.

What Size Aquarium Perform They Want?

With regards to the species, they are able to need as little as a 10 gallon or much larger in the event that you plan to hold most kinds or larger shoals.

Cory Container Mates

Tetras fish also come in some stunning shades and certainly will deliver most lives than their unique proportions would suggest. They have been calm (around timid) so set well using these peaceful seafood.

They could be combined with livebearers such guppies, Mollys, and swordtails. Once again, colorful seafood that are calm and simple to look after.

Corys may also live with other sorts of Catfish, particularly ottos or plecs, or other types of a pet particularly snails or shrimps.

Since they mostly remain at the lower degrees of the tank, they generate great society seafood and can getting paired with some other tranquil fish.

But despite getting armored they should not be stored with intense seafood. Oscars and cichlids will frequently attempt to hurt or take in Corys.

Maintaining Cory Catfish Collectively

These fish will happily join different species of Corydoras, several have-been recognized to shoal with in the same way colored tetras.

In the open the communities is much bigger than this, so never scared away from having a huge collection.

What Exactly Do Cory Catfish Consume?

  • lightweight insects
  • viruses
  • larvae from the substrate

They consume by sucking upwards dishes with their lips from ground, occasionally searching to ensure half their own face is actually hidden.

They are going to take in the vast majority of basic foods, particularly flake dinners, but sinking pellets that sink to their amount reproduce their particular organic eating behavior much better.


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